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Left to right, first row: Dmitry Bezrukov, Mary Hinrichs, Paul Harvey, Penelope Rice.
Second row: Tim Quartly-Watson, Elizabeth Blake, Graylin Ross, Jeanne Chapman, Julian Branston

The Elysian Society general information e-mail:

You are welcome to contact any member of the Board of Directors to donate to the Society, arrange for a tour of the cemetery, volunteer your assistance, purchase end-of-life forms and documents, or learn more about the Society.
Elysian Society Board of Directors:
Mary Hinrichs – President
Penelope Rice – Vice-President
Jeanne Chapman – Secretary
Elizabeth Blake – Communications
Julian Branston – Minister
Timothy Quartly-Watson – Cemetery Supervisor
Graylin Ross – Galleria Liaison
Paul Harvey – Financial Advisor
Dmitry Bezrukov – Website