Rosemary Macdonald

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November 7, 1921 - January 31, 2004

Dear Friends,

A beloved member of the Fellowship of Friends, Rosemary Macdonald, completed her task this morning, Saturday January 31, 2004. Rosemary, a member of the Apollo Center, was the oldest student of the Fellowship at the time of her death, having joined the Fellowship at its inception in 1970.

On behalf of all who knew you, Rose, we thank thee.

In Friendship,
Linda Tulisso


You are not alone in your battle
An army of angels is fighting
Along with you


Rosemary Macdonald - 800

The soul which has the stronger and clearer sight
sees that it is starting for better things




  1. Michael A. Jackson March 11, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Let us not forget how wonderfully playful Rosemary was, even in her chastisements:

    A group of students had gone to see an opera. Although we were seated about the theater during the performance we gathered together in the lobby afterwards and finally proceeded to the exit doors. As we all turned to head out Rosemary tapped the shoulder of a woman in front of her in the crowd and joyfully asked, “do you remember me? I’m the one who shushed you during the performance.”

    I suspect the “photograph” was not fully appreciated—but I also suspect it was remembered, by the two or three of us who heard, as much as the person who probably wished she hadn’t heard.

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