Eric Nightingale

Eric Nightingale

July 25, 1943 - December 2, 2008

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, December 2, 2008 at 7:00 pm, our friend Eric Nightingale completed his task.  Eric was sixty-five years old.

Eric joined the Fellowship on April 1, 1975 in Seattle Washington.  He spent most of his thirty-three years in the School living at Apollo.

On behalf of all who knew you, we thank thee.

The Elysian Society


You didn’t come to my BBQ,
so why do you come here now?


Eric Nightingale - 800

Chanting the square deific, out of the One advancing, out of the sides,
Out of the old and new, out of the square entirely divine,
Solid, four-sided, from this side Jehovah am I.
Walt Whitman






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