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The five-acre Fellowship Cemetery in Oregon House, California, was deeded by Yuba County as a cemetery in 1985. Major improvements were made in 1995, when the existing chipped granite paths were improved and extended.

Over the years more improvements have been completed,  made possible through generous donations and labor contributed by friends and family members. A new road and entrance were created, pathways were added, daffodil bulbs were planted, additional space for graves was developed, and a gazebo was built to be used for cemetery services. A majestic granite Memorial Column was installed in 2011. Brass plaques can be placed on the column to remember friends who are not buried at the cemetery.

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Today more than 82 Fellowship members are interred or memorialized in our cemetery, and it has become a place of quiet, park-like beauty — especially lovely in spring when thousands of daffodils bloom. The Society continues to maintain and refine the cemetery. Proposed improvements include preparing a new grave area, installing new fencing, adding stone benches, enlarging the parking area and designing and purchasing a beautiful entrance gate.

Anyone who is a member of the Fellowship at the time of his or her death may be buried in the cemetery. Minor (under age 21) children of Fellowship members may also be interred in the cemetery.

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You can view cemetery plot maps here

Cemeteries clearly show that the purpose of life is to use the physical to produce the metaphysical.
Robert Burton



While the Elysian Society maintains the cemetery through long-term donations and fundraising efforts, costs associated with services, burials, and memorials are the responsibility of members and their families. For estimated expense information, please see End of Life Planning