Hitesh Sheth

Hitesh Sheth - 400

September 2, 1967 - March 23, 2022

Dear friends,

 Hitesh Sheth, a beloved member of the Fellowship of Friends, a member of the center in Mumbai, India, completed his task today, March 23rd, having had an illness of the kidneys that kept him frequently hospitalized.

 Hitesh was born on September 2, 1967, and was 55 years old on his last birthday. He joined the school on May 12, 2004. His friends in the Mumbai center noted: “Hitesh was emotional and made constructive suggestions to create a vibrant environment in the center.  His presence gave all of us the state of presence. He helped other students understand and apply the Fellowship’s teachings. He visited Apollo and was able to travel frequently with other students to locales such as Egypt. He remained active and focused on the teachings of Robert.”

 We thank thee.

 Rowena Taylor
for the Elysian Society


Remember then thy Self, remembering God: remember God, remembering thyself.
This last achieved, the Herald of Harmony can return to Him Who sent him, his mission done.
Rodney Collin, The Herald of Harmony

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