Alice Jean Kyes

Alice Jean Kyes

November 24, 1935 - June 17, 2023

Dear Friends,

 Alice Jean Kyes, a beloved member of the Fellowship of Friends, completed her task peacefully yesterday morning, June 17, at about 8 a.m. She had been living at the Crystal Ridge Care Center in Grass Valley for the last several years.

 Alice Jean was born in Nebraska on November 24, 1935, and turned 87 on her last birthday. She joined the school in Portland, Oregon, on May 16, 1981, forty-two years ago. After moving from Portland, she lived in Berkeley, Sacramento, and then Apollo. Working at the Lewis Carroll School for many years, she cared for the youngest children in the school.

We thank thee.

The Elysian Society

Memorial Service Text: Alice Jean Kyes 2023-08

Endings are but beginnings for ascending souls.


1 thought on “Alice Jean Kyes

  1. How we understand Alice Jean Kyes is through her valuation for the School. It was buoyant.

    Her valuation peers into that reserve high founded, an answering Absolute culminating with friendship, earnestly dead set upon its sacred meaning’s actualization.

    Alas, and woe my friend. We hardly knew ye. What more is all?

    The instant that brooks your smile, the endless woe-be-gone articulation of your loving: You’re no puzzle, Alice Jean. You are straight forward and to be reckoned with.

    In 1989 you loaned me your car. It broke down on the way home from work on October 17, 1989. The generator went out while northbound on the Nimitz freeway just south of the Cypress overpass. The World Series baseball game was just getting ready to begin when, at 5:04 pm, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake erupted.

    While you watched the Judge’s child in San Leandro, your car’s failed generator saved my life bent on its collision course. The mystique of that time and place held my life and death in the balance. I stood on the ground and surfed the wave of the earthquake as it liquified granite, and shook the metal awning over the gas station before the overpass like a washer woman shaking sheets before hanging them out.

    You goodness came over my family and me. Your highness salutes the vista at which fates are joined by the will of their surety.

    We venerate your memory with love Alice Jean, and with devotion personal and worthy of tribute inspired. Farewell and adieu, dear friend.

    Michael Lester

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