Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepard 400

September 5, 1938-August 2, 2013

A dear member of the Fellowship, Elizabeth Shepard, completed her task on Friday August 2nd in New Orleans, surrounded by her loving family. She was 74.

Many of us remember Elizabeth through her love of dance. In the 1980s Elizabeth played an important role in the Ballet at Apollo. At the first ballet at the Festival Hall our Teacher noted that she was the only person who could stand on point.

Elizabeth joined the school in New Orleans in 1978, moving to Apollo in 1981 where she lived until 1998. Elizabeth has been a valued member of the Sacramento center since that time.

Dear Elizabeth, we thank thee.


Not death, but love

Elizabeth Shepherd - 800

Funeral Service Text:  Elizabeth Shepherd 2013-08

The soul which has the clearer and longer sight sees that it is starting for better things.







  1. Nicolas Walker August 3, 2016 at 12:26 am

    Elisabeth was a member of the New Orleans Center when I joined. The teaching house was an old stately home in the Garden District with large rooms. Sometimes Elisabeth would move the furniture to the side and dance to her favorite piece of music, which was Pachelbel’s Canon. She truly loved this particular composition. When it was time for her to move to Apollo I drove her to the airport. As we got close to the airport there was a lull in our conversation so I turned on the radio. Within seconds Pachelbel’s Canon began. We drove in silence as the music played. It ended just as we arrived at her departure gate and we both looked at each and smiled, in awe at the precision of the moment.

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