Francis Kalnay

Francis Calnay - 400

July 2, 1899 - December 2, 1992

Francis joined the Fellowship of Friends March 1, 1973 in Carmel California.


Love demands mystic silence

Francis Kalnay MC - 800

Love is the seed that blossoms at our last breath.





  1. Anna de Silva December 1, 2021 at 11:33 am

    No words can describe my gratitude to Francis. I met him on my first visit to Apollo in 1987 at Apollo D’Oro (then called the Lodge) during lunch. He was just leaving as I entered and asked him in Hungarian if he was Francis since I have heard about him from older students and he “felt” familiar. We connected immediately through our love of a Hungarian poet, Endre Ady, although I can’t remember how the subject came up so fast. He did not leave and we spent about an hour sitting together. Francis’ answers to my questions were precise and short followed by redirecting us to silent presence. His questions to me made me realize I knew all I needed to know. My brief time with Francis was truly mystic silence. It felt as if I was receiving deep lessons of immense importance, all without words.

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