Ivan Bayanov

Ivan Bayanov

January 2, 1958 - June 18, 2022

Dear friends,

 Ivan Bayanov, a beloved member of the Moscow Center of the Fellowship of Friends, completed his task on June 18. Ivan had a heart condition.

 Ivan was born January 2, 1958, and was 64 on his last birthday. He joined the Fellowship in Moscow in January 2003, and lived in both the Moscow and St. Petersburg centers over the last two decades. Ivan visited Apollo several times, including for an extended visit, and was active in serving the Russian centers.

We thank thee.

The Elysian Society

Death is a step we all must take, like everyone before us and everyone after us.
It is designed to make us grateful for eternal life.

Robert Earl Burton

2 thoughts on “Ivan Bayanov

  1. Ivan is a bright soul, a pure being who understood service in a natural and emotional way. We were housemates for a year in Paris together. He liked nice silk ties. And had a very good sense of humour. He worked very consistently and attentively.

  2. Dear friend Ivan, we have not met but it feels like we did. All the best on your celestial journey.
    Hubert Baija

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