Janet Male

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July 26, 1945 - December 2, 1992

Janet joined the Fellowship of Friends April 22, 1980 in Boston Massachusetts.


A joy has taken flight

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The most perfect soul is a dry light, which flies out of the body as lightning breaks from a cloud. 




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  1. Janet moved into the Woodside teaching house after her partner wanted her to have children but she did not. It was around the 1984 prediction. She called one evening telling us she had been in a minor car crash and was at the hospital about to be x-rayed and that she was wearing her gold money belt and would we come get it for her. She had a sense of humor tempered by a firm controlled attention.

    When I saw Janet for the last time it was about a week before she passed away. She was in bed at a Sacramento teaching house. As I entered her room our eyes locked together. She rose out of bed and stood as we embraced. I sat by her after she returned to her bed and started silently weeping. Please don’t cry she exclaimed. I’m not crying out of sadness but because I didn’t know I had so much love for you I replied.When I left her room I felt her being expanding as a light filling the surface of her ceiling.

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