Joann Keahey

Joanne Kehaey - 400

October 8, 1938 - November 15, 1988

Joann joined the Fellowship of Friends September 1, 1973 in Carmel, California.

A master teacher.

Joanne Keahey

The perfect way out:
There’s no past/present/future.
Dawn after dawn, the sun!
Night after night, the moon!


  1. Penelope Rice November 1, 2016 at 9:27 am

    I can not overstate the debt of gratitude I have to Joann Keahey. She was an amazing teacher and helped anchor the work in an understanding of the Fourth Way. She commanded active listening.
    She was a beautiful soul, a friend in whom you could confide and someone you could count on to correct you when she thought you needed it.

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