Jo Anne Pontecorvo

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February 3, 1952 - March 20, 1984


Once this flower blessed this land.

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 Funeral Service Text: Joanne Pontecorvo 1984

Though firm cocoon served it well, now it’s time for Butterfly to flutter.




  1. Stanley Fligner October 21, 2021 at 10:00 am

    I met Jo Anne when she joined the Washington DC center, late 1976 or 1977. We were fond of each other right away. In 1978, she, two other students, and I drove from Washington to California. It was a nice trip; we saw the Grand Canyon, as well as a few other sights. We got to know each other better than we had in previous time in the center. I moved to San Francisco, Jo Anne to Apollo.

    I lost track of her, as I left in 11 months to support centers for a few years. In late 1983, I returned and stayed at her place at Apollo for a short time. We spoke for a while one evening. I was deeply affected by how open and positive she was, in a state of “Yes” to what living brings.

    Jo Anne moved to Germany with her husband, Guy, at the end of 1983. She contracted an illness and died there in the spring. I think about her at times. 38 years later, I do not remember any of that conversation, only the state it produced to be with her.

  2. Hugh James October 16, 2021 at 11:31 am

    Jo Anne was a most charming, dedicated, and sincere soul, who left us suddenly – in the midst of an infinitely promising life – to continue her certain ascent in some sphere unknown to to the rest of us. Where she is now. I cannot imagine her not being there.

  3. marlyss berkan September 20, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    Early in 1981 after moving back from San Francisco to Renaissance. I worked with Jo in the kitchen baking and did we have fun. Whole Wheat Walnut bread was the top favorite baked and served with lunch. Throughout the week we made special deserts for dinner, Profiteroles, Napoleons, Queen of Sheba cake to name a few. The highlight was on Saturday night where by JoAnn had a beautiful idea to create the desert cart. Presenting the favorites of the week on the silver tray so friends had a delightful choice at the end of their meal. She was hard working both physically and spiritually and was playful and always kind with me. She was a warm light in my life. Thank you Jo.

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