Leonard Lasken

Leonard Lasken

January 25, 1919 - November 26, 2012

Leonard Lasken completed his task on Monday, November 27, 2012, shortly after 1:00 pm. Leonard would have celebrated his 94th birthday on January 25, 2013.

Leonard joined the School, at Apollo, on August 27th, 2009, where he lived for  some time before returning to Southern California.

On behalf of all who knew you and appreciated your warmth, gentle humor, and gifts, we thank thee.

Time may come, when Men with Angels may participate, and ….Your bodies may at last turn all to spirit.



2 thoughts on “Leonard Lasken

  1. A student once asked Leonard for some advice.
    The student talked several minutes about all the friction in his play.
    Finally the student stopped talking and waited to hear what Leonard would say.
    There was a long long silence.
    Then Leonard said one sentence: “Give it all to third eye. “
    Leonard was a great father; a wonderful student and when C-influence called him,
    Robert said that. Leonard successfully completed his seventh lifetime. “
    All is well, Marcus Lasken

  2. It may surprise those who met Leonard so late in his life (like me) but Leonard knew how to dance. He once came to my dance class and demonstrated that his body was still able to Swing despite its age. My hope was that he’d come to class again and teach me a few steps.

    I’ll never know what I could have learned from him, but I appreciate what I did learn.

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