Magda Grant

Magda Grant

June 26, 1928 - January 16, 2021

Dear Friends,

Magda Grant, a beloved member of the Fellowship of Friends, completed her task peacefully at her home in Toronto on Saturday evening, January 16. Magda turned ninety-two last June.

 Magda joined the School in New York City, on November 1, 1978, and soon moved to be part of the new Montreal center. She came to live at Apollo in 1983, then moved across the country to support the Miami Center in 1985, eventually becoming its director. When a center opened in Budapest, Hungary, her native land, Magda traveled to support it for a year, in 1995, before returning to Montreal. Despite her advancing age, Magda made many visits to Apollo in her last decades, where her friends enjoyed her cheerful and serene countenance. Her dedication to the Teacher sustained her work. Up to the end, she maintained her positive energy and her emotional appreciation for our School.

On behalf of all who knew you, we thank thee.

In loving presence,
Rowena Taylor
for the Elysian Society

Funeral Service TextMagda Grant 2021-06

The golden age is before us
Not behind us.



  1. Blanca E Gonzalez Diaz May 5, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    As a student, I had the joy of meeting Magda Grant on one of her visits to Apollo in the summer of 2008, we talked about her native Budapest and what her journey to Montreal, Canada was like. The time that she stayed at home was an opportunity where I met her beautiful active and determined spirit despite the golden age, she gave me a beautiful gift that I use regularly on sunny days lovingly remembering her.

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