Mario Fantoni


May 12, 1959 - June 1, 2022

Dear friends,

Mario Fantoni, a beloved member of the Sacramento Center of the Fellowship of Friends, completed his task this afternoon due to a massive stroke.

 Mario was born May 12, 1959, and turned 63 last month. He joined the Fellowship in Brazil in 1988, and a year later traveled to open a new center in Rio de Janeiro. Mario directed the Sao Paolo center in the mid 1990s and then directed the Lisbon center 1996-1997 with Karen Johnston. Mario made several trips with students to Machu Picchu, Peru, as well as to sacred sites in Mexico and Egypt. He lived at Apollo for many years with his wife, Regina.

 Mario’s cheerful and enterprising nature was a hallmark of his being. In an online meeting in Sacramento recently, Mario shared his work with students to rise above the many I’s and to take the opportunities provided by each day.

We thank thee.

Rowena Taylor
for the Elysian Society

To be the Self is to go beyond death.


  1. Kenneth Weiss June 19, 2022 at 4:55 pm

    Mario was a wonderful servant for the school and helped to organize the early student visits to both Egypt and Peru.

    He was an entrepreneur and was always trying something new and a little bit different. He was very clever and creative at finding ways to accomplish his various objectives, and his efforts led to wonderful stories which he loved to share with his friends at dinners and other events.

    My favorite story relates to the time that he was preparing for Thanksgiving and decided to do that by raising his own domesticated turkey. He obtained a turkey from a man who told him three things: this turkey’s name is ‘Gus’, he is not very friendly, and he doesn’t like brooms. So, he brought the turkey home, and put him in a fenced pen, and began to feed him daily. But every time he entered the pen, Gus became aggressive and chased Mario around the pen. After several days of this, Mario was at a loss for what to do. Finally, he remembered what the former owner had told him, and entered the pen with a ‘broom’. Alas, no more problem! As soon as Gus saw the broom he retreated to his corner and Mario was able to move freely about the pen.

    We enjoyed so much listening to this story and others as Mario recounted his experiences. It often brought a spark to our dinner conversations, and we always looked forward to being with him.

  2. corrina craigmill June 11, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    Mario Fantoni, I always thought he was from Lisbon as he sent us a postcard from there when we were working on News From Abroad. Many years later at one of our last lakeside concerts outside the Festival Hall he came up to help us replace the chairs, beaming as only he could do when he was ebullient about something. “Hey, you guys can play. I never learned to play an instrument. That was the best concert I’ve ever heard here.” When he left the stage everyone was buzzing about wondering who that guy was. He moved away and just barely returned to Sacramento long enough so we could say ‘hello’ again, and then he was gone. Our Plays are written.

    “All in war with Time in love of you,
    as he takes from you, I engraft you anew.”

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