Neal O’Brien

neal o'brian - 400

August 8, 1949 - November 12, 1982

Neal joined the Fellowship of Friends September 1, 1974 in Portland, Oregon.


There is no cause to mourn.

Returning thanks
for life, I turn back and bow




2 thoughts on “Neal O’Brien

  1. My Dear Brother, the last conversation we had was only a few days before you passed on. You were, as usual, positive and philosophical, as you passed on your profound advice. Now I understand, at your young age, you were advanced in your understanding of Life. You were a gentle soul, a gentleman. Your sparkling blue eyes would light up when you laughed, as you often had a mirthful reaction to the difficulties you overcame. It has taken years to be able to write anything about you, though I remember you daily, hearing the bells sound over the hills. Seeing how rare it is to know someone like you, I am forever grateful to have had a gift so fine as you in my life, Dear Brother.

  2. A special friend I’ll not forget
    Who lived with pain but not regret
    He strove for heights beyond this plane
    His eyes would sparkle and his grin proclaim
    There’s no deterring from his aim.

    So it is said, that when he passed
    He wore a smile and not a frown
    He left to us the gauntlet down
    To do our tasks and carry on
    His part was done and curtain drawn
    This friend will ne’er forget his song.

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