Roger Cavanna

Roger Cavanna

August 9, 1944 - October 3, 2006

Dear Friends,

Roger Cavanna, a beloved member of the Fellowship for over 32 years, completed his task this morning October 3 at 3:44 after a long struggle with cancer.

Roger was 62 years old. His role as Ranch Manager in the early seventies literally helped to shape the landscape of what we now know as Apollo.

On behalf of all who knew you and loved you, we thank thee for your unwavering devotion.

In presence,
Linda Tulisso, Apollo

Shh – no more words
We are beyond words


Roger Cavanna - 800

Funeral Service Text: Roger Cavanna 2006-10

From Hafiz:
Time is the shop where everyone works hard to build enough love to break the chains.

  1. Pamella Cavanna October 5, 2016 at 9:29 am

    Dearest husband: We celebrated your Crossing Over Monday night with a family dinner. Conroy at one end of the table and our newest member of the family, Lucia, at the other. Matthew, Conroy and Jenny and I shared stories and memories while the younger ones, Dean and Calvin listened and laughed and shared what they could remember. Lucia smiled broadly whenever we all were laughing. We had your urn in the middle of the table festooned with ribbons. I cooked one of your favorite meals: breaded fillet of Sole, new potatoes and broccoli. We remember you. We Love you. Your family.

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