Ronald Payton

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October 29, 1946 - October 30, 2005

Dear Friends Around the World,

Ronald Payton, a beloved member of the Fellowship, completed his task on October 30, 2005. On November 1 he would have celebrated his 30th anniversary in our school.

Ronald was a member of the Apollo center. His 59th birthday was Saturday.

On behalf of all who knew you, we thank thee.

In Presence,

Linda Tulisso, Apollo


May your heart be glad
And may your feet dance

Ronald Payton - 800

From Omar Khayyam:
Ah, fill the Cup:–what boots it to repeat How Time is slipping underneath our Feet: Unborn TO-MORROW and dead YESTERDAY, Why fret about them if TO-DAY be sweet!

  1. Kenneth Frank October 1, 2022 at 9:06 am

    My dear friend, how I miss thee. Some “day” we will meet again. Until then

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