Sean Roberts

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March 24, 1958 - March 27, 2016

Dear Friends,

Sean Roberts, a beloved member of the Fellowship of Friends, completed his task after a seven-month struggle with cancer on Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 7:00 am. Sean turned fifty-eight on March 24th.

Sean joined the School, in Detroit, on May 7, 1977; and soon after moved to Apollo. For many years, Sean quietly and consistently served as the Purchasing Agent for the Fellowship; always fiercely determined to focus on the Present.

On behalf of all who knew you, we thank thee.

In loving presence,
Elizabeth Blake
For The Elysian Society


Always and everywhere

Sean Roberts - 800

Funeral Service Text:  Funeral Service Sean Roberts

In him converge all previous streams of tendency,
as a noble river that received its tributary waters and bears them onward in statelier volume.
Johannes Brahms




5 thoughts on “Sean Roberts

  1. I am not a golfer and Sean is the only student I ever played golf with. Sean was good golfer. Whenever I made a good shot he would say “Even a blind squirrel occaisonally finds the nut.” He exemplified an honest encouragement in being yourself with equanimity, as he was in his.

  2. I first met Sean when working on painting the Bath house just under construction in the old court of the caravans (1977?). He had recently moved from Michigan and I felt an instant liking for his calm and friendly presence. I could not help but notice that whenever the rest of us working on the building became impatient and identified with our little roles, he would have an amused comment about our seriousness. That was something I remember for all the years after – an amused detachment from things that often bring identification.
    We worked toghther for a number of years in the late 70s and early 80s on construction octaves around Apollo; milling hardwood for the Apollo festival hall floors, making cabinets for Pantheon Insustries in the new woodshop, Installing and painting the endless stucco mouldings throughout the Galleria. A person with many talents and one of my favorite classical and jazz base players.
    I personally will miss having him as a friend and someone to talk with here at Apollo.

  3. He was a gentle giant
    Hair as white as snow
    He had the heart of a lion
    Wasn’t afraid to go
    This I know

  4. As well as his purchasing agent role, Sean was an excellent and accomplished chef working at the lodge kitchen long before it’s current incarnation as Apollo d’Oro.

    Going to work in the kitchen in the mid-nineties, (where at that time Sean was leading the octave), it was very obvious coming in from the outside, that the students working with him adored and valued him. This is true.

    What could characterize a student of the Fourth Way more than seeing Sean on a Tuesday afternoon, in chef’s uniform and stirring a huge pot of refried beans for the weekly Mexican night, and then later in the week, seeing him elegantly clothed in a tuxedo and playing his big double bass for a weekend concert at the town hall.

    Lack of a big ego, tolerant and friendly, with empathy and warmth in his gaze, and humble acceptance of the day,

    thank you my friend. ” All the world’s a stage”

    today, April 23rd, is Shakespeare’s traditional birthday

  5. More than any other one person Sean taught me to appreciate classical music. One day after both of us were pouring concrete at the winery he invited me to his caravan. He then put on Beethoven’s late string quartets and presented me with the music score. I had never heard the quartets nor did I know how to read music but he showed me how to follow along. He then opened a bottle of 1975 Callaway Petite Sirah and as he would sometimes say, “to help us forget our troubles but remember our selves.” I began to hear and experience a wonderful beauty I had not experienced with classical music before. Through the years he continued to introduce me to the music he loved for which I am forever grateful.

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