Sonia Martinez

Sonia Martinez

January 19, 1964 - August 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

Sonia Martinez, a beloved member of the Fellowship of Friends, completed her task on Wednesday,  August 19th, at 12:48 am.  Sonia turned fifty-six last January 19th.  Her death was caused by ovarian cancer.

 Sonia joined the School, in Tijuana, on April 8th, 1997 and moved to Apollo in 2004.  For many years, Sonia was a positive presence while preparing delicious meals in the kitchen at Apollo d’Oro.

On behalf of all who knew you, we thank thee.

In loving presence,
Elizabeth Blake
For The Elysian Society



Funeral Service Text:  Sonia Martinez 2020-08

Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace, according to your word
Luke: 2-29

14 thoughts on “Sonia Martinez

  1. It is summer and once again the horses are running at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Sonia’s favorite racetrack. Now I cannot call her from our spot by barn CC but we are there together just the same. And I am wearing the moonstone pendant that belonged to Sonia and which Maressa gave to me. Sonia is always close to my heart.

  2. Dear Sonia ,

    You’ve been to so many of us at various occasions like a mother , sister , best friend .
    I hope you’ll find new friends , wherever you go …..❤️

  3. The best part of knowing Sonia was her smile and positive gentle presence. That will always stay with me. Richard Thiel

  4. It was always special to go to Apollo and have the opportunity to receive the sweetness of your soul
    Your smile and essence presence it was a precious gift for me .
    Delicate and strong woman Beautiful and fragile at the same time.
    I thank you the Gods for having meet you on earth.

  5. Her beautiful Presence gave me through her eyes, the beauty of her Soul, my first contact with her was in 2001 when I started my work at school, when I moved to Apollo she was my first beautiful contact, in our meetings we exchanged Presence in every event we attended and whenever I visited her at Apolodoro. A few days before his departure we greet each other through the networks, in a brief and loving contact, now dear Sonia you are light, I will always remember you.

  6. There is a Win Picture of Sonia in the Winner’s Circle at Del Mar Race Course. She’s sixteen and wearing a white suit. For the past ten years every time I am at Del Mar I call Sonia from the barn area, right by Barn CC. She’s usually been in the kitchen at Apollo d’Oro. She’d send the horses her love and they would send theirs and we’d both go back to work. Our last Del Mar call was on July 8th. Sonia asked if I could come spend time with her. So I received the gift of being with Sonia during the last weeks of her life. One night before leaving, I told Sonia I had a horse running that night in Canada. From her bed, without hesitation, she asked “What distance? 6 furlongs? A mile?” I didn’t know. As a racetracker, she had me beat! Like all great racehorses, Sonia had “Heart,” the capacity to make efforts towards an aim. Sonia crossed the Finish Line a Winner.

  7. Dearest Sonia,
    You are strong. Strong in essence, your work, and determination to do what is right.
    Your beautiful, large eyes penetrate the present and hold me there.
    Once when you had conflicting emotions you asked me over to help you work through it. Your courage and desire to be pure in spirit helped you transcend the difficulty. Our time together was joyful and pure of heart.
    I love you and love is forever. Fair thee well.

  8. My dearest Sonia,

    You used the kitchen at Apollo D’Oro as an opportunity to spread your love and service for many delicious and delightful years. 

    Your move here to Origin House from our Tijuana Center was entrusted by the gods.

    When I see the oak trees in our neighborhood, they remind me of you….majestic and beautiful, strong and adaptable. Just like the oak full of acorns, you scattered the seeds from Mexico to Russia, bringing rays of hope through our school.

    There are many things I miss about you dear friend, but grateful and thankful for the gift of you. 

    Farewell for today,


    “The sun rises, and the sun goes down,
    and hastens to the place where it rises.”

  9. Recuerdo tu visita junto con Thomas al centro de Tijuana, no hace mucho tiempo.tu cálido saludo y mirada observadora quedaron grabadas en mi.recuerdo lo agradable que era verlos dirigir la reunion,apoyando a thomas con su español,después de tremendos esfuerzos por darse a entender..suspiro y dijo:estoy cansado”!con un dulce acento español,le sonreiste tímidamente;Nos despedimos,pero nos volvimos a encontrar en mi visita primera a Apolo,hoy nos despedimos de nuevo,pero nos volveremos a encontrar querida Sonia.
    I remember your visit with Thomas to Tijuana center, not so long ago. Your warm greeting and your observing sight stayed in my memory. It was very pleasant to see both of you leading the meeting. You were supporting Thomas with his Spanish. After strenuous efforts trying to be understood, he sighed and said: “I’m tired!” With a sweet Spanish accent you smiled to him timidly. We said good bye to each other, but we met again in my first visit to Apolo. We say goodbye again today, but we will meet again, dear Sonia.

  10. Querida Amiga
    Desde el primer día que nos conocimos, capté en ti una necesidad de amor, de búsqueda, de algo diferente; Algo Superior. Fue para mi un shock, lo recuerdo perfectamente; en el lugar donde te conocí, ( tu no me conociste a mi ) a un lado, teníamos un grupo que nos reuníamos a leer los libros de Gurdjieff y Ouspensky, también Yo andaba en búsqueda, sin saber en aquel entonces que las dos seríamos parte del Centro Tijuana de nuestra querida Fellowship of Friends.
    Solo quiero decirte que estás en mi corazón, AVANZASTE
    Dear Friend,
    From the first day we met each other, I perceived in you a need of love, of search, of something different; of Something Higher. It was a shock for me; I perfectly remember this. At the place I met you ( you did not meet me), a group of us used to meet at one side to read Gurdjieff’s and Ouspensky’s books. I was also searching, without knowing then that both of us would be part of the Tijuana center of our beloved Fellowship of Friends. I only want to tell you that you are in my heart. You WENT FORWARD.

  11. Querida Sonia.

    Siempre te recordare sonriente y con tus ojos llenos de luz, en tu ultima visita al Centro Tijuana, pudimos compartir momentos de presencia con estudiantes,
    En una foto que quedo para el recuerdo en la reunión formal, inclinaste tu cabeza para apoyarla en mi hombro, al verla me llena de emoción y ternura porque dice mucho de tu Ser amoroso y sensible.
    Confío en Influencia C, que estés gozando de la vida eterna.
    Con Amor
    Dear Sonia,
    I always will remember you smiling and with your eyes full of light. During your last visit to the Tijuana center we could share moments of presence with students.
    In a picture taken during the formal meeting, which is now remembered, you leaned your head to put it on my shoulder. To see it now fills me with emotion and tenderness, because it says so much about your loving and sensible Being.
    I trust Influence C that you are enjoying eternal life.

  12. My favorite memory of Sonia was when she was asked to be the traveling teacher to Russia. It was an opportunity she did not expect and did it with such a strong king of hearts dedication that she could hardly sleep. She was so happy.

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